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Request a Free Provisional Membership

Request A Free Provisional Membership


Customer Support has created the following Help resources to assist current and prospective e-Zassi members. To see a list of questions and answers, click on the topic below. A User Guide is also available and can be launched by clicking on the icon.

If you still cannot find the answer to your question please contact Customer Support at All emails to Customer Support will be returned by close of business on the following day.


User Guide

Subscriptions Types
Q. What types of Membership do you offer?
A.We offer annual memberships for both individuals and organizations (enterprise). For more information on levels of membership, please contact us by phone (1-866-369-5170) or visit the Subscribe Now page.


Q. Do you offer a free Membership?
A. We do offer a one year Provisional Membership to the e-Zassi network for individuals. If you would like to request a membership click on the Contact Us in the Provisional Membership box on the Subscribe now page.



Q. How do I register?
A. Individuals can submit their personal information and pay for their membership online. For Enterprise-level memberships, please fill out the form on the Join page and a member of the e-Zassi Customer Support Team will contact you within 24 hours.

You can also contact our team via telephone at 1-866-369-5170, who will be happy to assist you in completing your registration.



Q. What methods of payment do you accept?
A. For individual users we currently can accept personal checks, Visa, MasterCard as well as Discover and American Express cards.


Q. I am an enterprise client – how do I pay for my Membership?
A. We can accept a company purchase order and will be happy to send an invoice. To learn more about an Enterprise level license, contact our Customer Support Team at 1-866-369-5170 or by e-mail.


Q. Can you take a payment over the phone?
A. Yes, we are prepared to process credit card transactions over the phone. To do so, contact our Customer Support Team Monday – Friday from 8:00am – 8:00pm EST, by calling 1-866-369-5170.



Creating Your Profile
Q. What is a Profile?
A. Serving as the backbone of the e-Zassi community, the member profile includes information about a person’s areas of expertise and interests, enabling a member to connect with a host of other medical device industry experts. By creating a profile you will be able to search for and be matched with partners, securely and confidentially, with whom you can collaborate, share interests, talents and areas of expertise.


Q. What information is included in my Profile?
A. Your Profile will include information about yourself, your organization (if applicable), your areas of interest and expertise. These digitized attributes will comprise your DNA within the e-Zassi network. This is also where you can manage your preferences regarding levels of visibility within the community and preferred methods of contact.


Q. How do I create my Profile?
A. The first time you log onto the site you will be prompted to create your member profile. You will then be asked to define your current role/areas of focus by answering a series of questions about your professional experience, objectives, expertise, and areas of interest.



Creating a Technology Assessment

Q. How do I assess a medical technology?
A. If you are a member of the e-Zassi community with Technology Assessment access, you may use the Technology Assessment Software Platform to profile a medical technology. It covers technologies in the following medical specialties: Cardiology, Urology, Orthopedics and Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS).


To get started, choose Analyze from the Main Menu and select “Assess New Innovation.” First, you will be asked to provide an innovation name and a brief description of the innovation. Then you will be asked a series of questions that help document the unique characteristics of the innovation. These questions are grouped by section, beginning with Innovator Objectives.


Q. Is it important that I answer all the questions in the order presented?
A. To optimize the output, you should complete each section of the innovation assessment in the order shown. The answers you choose will determine the flow of subsequent questions, so answering them out of order may distort the results.


Q. Do I have to answer all the questions? What if I don’t know the answers to some of the questions?
A. Yes, you are required to answer all the questions. In fact, you will get a system prompt if you leave an answer blank and will be unable to move on to the next question until you have provided an answer.


If you are not sure what answer to provide for some of the questions, then you can choose to answer “Uncertain.” Most of the questions in the innovation assessment include this as an answer option. Keep in mind that the more times you answer “uncertain,” the less precise your innovation assessment will be, so we encourage you to use this choice as sparingly as possible. You can always go back to the questions later and replace any “uncertain” answers with specific answers in order to improve your output.


If you don’t know the answer to a particular question, another option you have is to save your progress in the interview (by choosing Save/Exit), get the information, and then restart the assessment at a later time by returning to your Innovation Portfolio List. If you choose to save your assessment in the middle of a section, when you return to that section at a later time, the interview will pick up right where you left off.


Q. Can I change my answers?
A. Yes, if you are in the middle of a section, you can use the Back button to return to the previous question/s. Keep in mind that if you decide to change an answer to a previous question, there is a possibility that the entire question flow from that point forward may change, depending on the nature of the question asked and the new answer/s you provided. So, if you do decide to go back to change an answer, make sure all the remaining questions for the section are completed.


If you wish to change an answer in a section other than the one you are working on, finish/save the section you are working on and then open the other section by selecting it from the list.


Q. How do I know when I have completed the full innovation assessment?
A. As you work through the assessment, you should be completing one section at a time until you have completed all Q&A’s for every section. Once all the Section Q&A’s are completed, the Innovation Assessment Progress column will display 100% Complete for each section. If any sections are marked as less than 100%, it means that there are one or more questions that haven’t been answered. When you have completed all the sections, select Done to bring up the Innovation Detail Page.


Q. Once I’ve completed my assessment, where can I see the results?
A. A comprehensive assessment of your innovation – the InnoVision Report -- is available for you to view and/or to print. The e-Zassi Innovision Report provides output on more than 30 key medical device commercialization topics, including primary users, key decision makers, clinical specialty, market information, reimbursement advice, clinical research status, design development, and manufacturing content. This informative 20-30 page report can be viewed online or saved as a PDF file. The report also includes a US and EU regulatory analysis that uses FDA data to match potential FDA classifications for the innovation. For users seeking financial assistance, our proprietary Grant Matching function will output a list of matching states grants as well as NIH SBIR/STTR 2009 grants.



Sharing Information with Others

Q. Now that I’ve completed my innovation assessment, how do I make it accessible for others to see?
A. In managing your technology/s, you can choose the level of access you want to provide to members of the e-Zassi community. There are four levels of access to choose from:
1)Not Posted - No information on the Technology will be displayed. This will be the default setting, unless you specify otherwise.
2) Title Only - Allows the title and description to be viewed.
3) Nature of Innovation - Allows the title, description, and technology attributes to be viewed.
4) InnoVision Report - Allows the title, description and technology attributes to be viewed; in addition, members can view and print the InnoVision Report.


To control your level of access on a per technology basis, select Share from the Main Navigation Menu and then select Edit/Share from the Action column.



Searching for Potential Partners
Q. How can I identify potential partners or get in touch with other members of the e-Zassi community?
A. The e-Zassi profiling technology extracts more than 4800 unique traits and attributes allowing you to search for members, organizations and technologies at a high level of precision. From the Discover Screen, you have the option to search for People, Technologies, and Organizations.


Q. How does the Discover People search work?
A. This feature allows you to search for colleagues, partners & associates, to add to your network, to share technologies, and to contact other members. To Discover People, you can include a full or partial name search and/or specify an area of expertise, which will provide you with additional search filters.


Q. How do I incorporate the additional search filters into my Discover People query?
A. Once you have selected an Expertise as part of your search, up to six additional search criteria appear on the screen for you to choose from. The specific search criteria are customized to the area of expertise chosen.


Q. What information can I learn about a person?
A. Once you have obtained one or more search results, you can select an individual’s name to view his/her complete Individual Profile. This Profile includes personal information, organizational information, and detailed information about a person’s specific areas of expertise.


Q. Can I share this information with my colleagues?
A. Yes, as a member of the e-Zassi community, you can choose to add the person whose profile you are viewing to your personal network, you can forward information to anyone already in your network, or you can send a message directly to that member.


Q. What should I do if I didn’t get any results when searching for a person?
A. If you have conducted a person search and gotten the message “No Results were Found,” check the spelling of the name you entered and then select “New Search” to start over. Our name search includes any of the words you entered (i.e. if you enter John Smith into the keyword search box, the system will search for all listings with John OR Smith), which should increase your chances of finding a match.


If you get no results from a filtered search, first check the spelling of the name and then review the filtering (i.e. specific search criteria) that you have included. You may have selected too much filtering to generate any listings.


Q. How can I search for technologies that others have posted on the site?
A. e-Zassi gives you the ability to shop or find new technologies that may fit your investment criteria, area of development expertise, or that would enhance your existing innovation portfolio. Using the Discover Technology feature, you can search for technologies, request access to innovations, and contact other e-Zassi members.


If you don’t know the complete name or partial name of a technology you are looking for, use the Advanced Technology Search link to refine your selection criteria. Here you will find six additional search criteria for you to choose from. Once the technology search results are displayed, you can choose any technology from the list and view its profile.


Q. What is a Technology Profile?
A. As described in the section above entitled Sharing Information with Others, an e-Zassi member can choose to offer different levels of access to his/her innovation. If a user has chosen to share title only, the name of the technology and a brief description will be displayed on the page. If a user has chosen to share Nature of Innovation with other members of the e-Zassi Community, then a section named Technology Attributes will appear on the Technology Profile page. If a user has chosen to offer full disclosure of the innovation with other members of the e-Zassi Community, then a link named View InnoVision Report will appear below the innovation description.


As a member, if you wish to view additional information about an innovation that is not being disclosed, such as a full InnoVision Report, select Request Access to contact the Innovator directly.


Q. Can I search for Organizations that are part of the e-Zassi community?
A. Yes, the e-Zassi Discover section will also allow you to search for investors, tech transfer organizations, consultants, medical device companies, and other organizations.



Managing Your Network

Q. Once I’ve identified potential partners, how do I get in touch with them or add them to my network?
A. The Collaborate section of the site includes tools that will allow you to build a network and communicate with other members of the e-Zassi community. The two main components of this section are the Inbox and the Network.


Q. What are some of the features of my Inbox?
A. Your inbox includes many of the same features that you would find in an e-mail client. It serves as the control panel for all the mail communications between a member and his/her network within the e-Zassi community. Standard features include sending, replying to and forwarding e-mails, adding members to your network, and blocking users from being able to send you further communication.


Q. What can I do once I’ve added a person or organization to my Network?
A. Once you’ve added a person or organization to your network, with one click you can access their individual or organizational profile. You may also choose to forward this information to any member of the e-Zassi community.


Q. Can I contact other members or add them to my network from other places on the site?
A. Yes, in addition to your network/communication functionality in the Collaborate section, you can add people and organizations to your network from the Discover Section when searching for people or organizations, or from the Profile section display page.



Problems Signing-In
Q. I am inputting my user name and password, but can’t log into the site?
A. Check the spelling of your email address and password, and make sure that Caps Lock is not selected, as user names are case sensitive. If you are still encountering difficulty signing in, contact Customer Support by phone (1-866-369-5170) or by e-mail.


Q. I forgot my user name.
A. Your user name is the email address that you originally registered with on the site.


Q. I forgot my password.
A. If you are an individual member, you can reset your password by going to the Sign-in pages and selecting Forgot Password, or you can send an email to with Password Reset in the subject line. You will be contacted with a new password within 24 hours. For enterprise customers, please contact your site administrator.



Technical Issues
Q. What type of browsers do you support?
A. We currently support the following browsers: Internet Explorer versions 6.x, 7.x, 8.x , Firefox v3.x, 4.x and Safari v4.x, 5.x.


Q. Does the e-Zassi site require the use of cookies?
A.Yes we do. Your browser setting must be enabled to accept cookies to maximize your user experience. We also recommend that you include as a trusted Web site in your browser’s Security settings.

Q. What about pop-up blockers?
A. It is suggested that you turn off any pop-up blocking software to ensure that all site content is visible.