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e-Zassi is accelerating the medical device business development process.
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“e-Zassi is an elegant and comprehensive software system which provides comprehensive and detailed information for professionals in all aspects of the medical product development and design industry...” | Read more
“The platform seems to be the most comprehensive and professional web-based application I have come across so far...”
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“For any company...it is CRITICAL that they have highly reliable sources that provide an in-depth, accurate understanding of the market. e- Zassi is one of those sources.”
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“Being able to easily and cost-effectively expand our contact list through Auto-Match is one of the key benefits to being members of e-Zassi.com.”
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Request a Free Provisional Membership

Request A Free Provisional Membership

e-Zassi Network

  • e-Zassi is the answer to search engines that return millions of results, broad online business networks that have become bloated and slow, and to the inefficiencies of the current manual, medical device marketplace.

  • e-Zassi is a medical device-centric technology marketplace that has been created to address the needs of an industry challenged by confidentiality concerns while seeking partners and advisors to assist in the advancement and development of new medical technologies.

  • e-Zassi is the answer to dated business and marketing models that require large investments in time and money, which all too often delivers less than optimal or measureable results.

  • e-Zassi represents the future of medical device development and commercialization, and is creating a reproducible model that will eventually be expanded across the entire spectrum of life sciences.

  •  e-Zassi helps all members of the medical device industry accomplish more in less time and for less money.


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