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“e-Zassi is an elegant and comprehensive software system which provides comprehensive and detailed information for professionals in all aspects of the medical product development and design industry...” | Read more
“The platform seems to be the most comprehensive and professional web-based application I have come across so far...”
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“For any company...it is CRITICAL that they have highly reliable sources that provide an in-depth, accurate understanding of the market. e-Zassi is one of those sources.”
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Medical Device Open Innovation Platform Announced

e-Zassi announces the first Open Innovation software platform specifically designed to meet the requirements of the medical device industry. Delivered as a SaaS product, the e-Zassi InnoVision™ platform enables a standardized approach to the submission, capture, decision support and sharing of new ideas. The software utilizes a secure non-confidential assessment format, minimizing intellectual property legal risks and can integrate with existing downstream and synergistic workflow systems such as document management, CRM and product life-cycle management software to provide a fully integrated end-to-end solution in what is now a very manually intensive business process. Read the entire press release or Contact Us to arrange a demo of the InnoVision open innovations software platform.



UBM Canon Partners with e-Zassi

e-Zassi has announced an agreement with UBM Canon, the global authority on the Medical Device Industry, to promote and provide proprietary decision support software tools specifically designed for the $350B medical device marketplace. UBM Canon’s Qmed, the only online global directory of qualified medical device suppliers and organizations, will make available to its users and visitors the ability to access two powerful e-Zassi business intelligence tools, the FDA Calculator™ and InnoVision™ Assessment software. These proprietary tools allow users to generate a detailed analysis of the most critical elements affecting the development and commercialization of new medical technology applications. Read the entire press release.



e-Zassi to Publish the First Annual Guide to Medical Device Lawyers

With so many law firm web sites flooding the Internet and relevant attorney profile pages hidden deep within these sites, it takes too much time, effort and resources for the medical device industry to find the best qualified lawyers to assist them in handling medical device related legal matters. To solve this problem and help busy medical device professionals and organizations choose the right legal partner, e-Zassi is aggregating and publishing the industry’s most comprehensive source of information about medical device lawyers. The guide will be uniquely organized by medical market specialty, practice type and geography to provide the burgeoning $350B medical device market with an easy and fast connection to the best lawyers in the field. Read the entire press release or Contact Us to learn more about this exciting opportunity.