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e-Zassi is accelerating the medical device business development process.
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“e-Zassi is an elegant and comprehensive software system which provides comprehensive and detailed information for professionals in all aspects of the medical product development and design industry...” | Read more
“The platform seems to be the most comprehensive and professional web-based application I have come across so far...”
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“For any company...it is CRITICAL that they have highly reliable sources that provide an in-depth, accurate understanding of the market. e- Zassi is one of those sources.”
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“Being able to easily and cost-effectively expand our contact list through Auto-Match is one of the key benefits to being members of e-Zassi.com.”
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Request A Free Provisional Membership

How We Do It

There are two major components of e-Zassi technology: a Product Development Platform that enables subject matter experts to efficiently define the models, business rules and insightful content driving the decision support tools and a Software-as-a-Service Platform to deliver business functions to our subscribers. Both platforms are built on state of the art technologies using widely accepted industry standards. The core technologies include: Microsoft SharePoint MOSS 2007, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, ASP.NET 3.5 Framework and Visual Studio 2008.


e-Zassi’s proprietary Device Network Attribute (DNA) logic allows members to “digitize” their skills, industry objectives, and technologies into a market-specific repository of searchable data points. These data points comprise the more than 5000 traits and attributes of the individuals, organizations and technologies within the e-Zassi community giving members the most precise search/match capability available in the market.