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e-Zassi is bringing new efficiencies to the medical device industry.
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“e-Zassi is an elegant and comprehensive software system which provides comprehensive and detailed information for professionals in all aspects of the medical product development and design industry...” | Read more
“The platform seems to be the most comprehensive and professional web-based application I have come across so far...”
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“For any company...it is CRITICAL that they have highly reliable sources that provide an in-depth, accurate understanding of the market. e-Zassi is one of those sources.”
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Strategic Partners

MDSMedicalDeviceSummit (www.medicaldevicesummit.com) is an industry-specific website serving the global medical device industry. Built on the platform of the next generation model for B2B publishing, The Summit is a hybrid of a B2B magazine delivering top quality content in a proactive manner while maintaining a website that stores the content providing easy accessibility. MedicalDeviceSummit publishes news, technology, trends, regulations, and expert opinions as well as offering educational opportunities to the medical device and diagnostics industry.



2Market Logo 2Market Information, Inc. , ( www.technologytransfertactics.com) is an Atlanta, GA-based global publishing and information services company focused on providing practical, how-to information that helps technology transfer and related research commercialization professionals improve and speed efforts to bring early-stage research out of the lab and into the marketplace. The company publishes two subscription-based monthly newsletters – Technology Transfer Tactics and Intellectual Property Marketing Advisor – and two free weekly e-zines, Tech Transfer e-News and IP Marketing e-News, distributed to a worldwide audience of 200,000. Other products include the Tech Transfer Library series of special reports, numerous audio conferences for tech transfer professionals, a Distance Learning Subscription Program, and advertising and marketing services for vendors to the tech transfer marketplace. In addition, through partnership agreements the company offers numerous related resources, including valuation and royalty rate references, valuation software, and market research reports. The company is the world’s largest provider of continuing professional development for tech transfer professionals.


MEX - Agency of Medical Experts

MEX (www.medicalexperts.de)is a conglomerate of the leading experts in Sales and Marketing, Operations, Manufacturing, Regulatory and evaluation of medical products in Germany.The medical community is slow to adopt changes and reluctant to take risk, this is instinctively solved by accumulating clinical studies however, this is a long and costly process. Our challenge as sales organizations is to shorten the adaptation process and create revenue in the most efficient way and in the shortest time.MEX’s core service is supporting the value creation chain of your product in Germany thus assisting your entire European and even global efforts.