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eZassi’s CEO Featured in Exclusive Interview with Plastics Today

Peter von Dyck, CEO of eZassi, lessens the scare to the medtech industry, giving way to loving open innovation. In this exclusive interview von Dyck discusses the safety, security, solving and collaboration mechanisms designed by eZassi that is diminishing the 'too scared to share' phenomenon of open innovation. Read the article in "Plastics Today"


eZassi CEO, Peter von Dyck published in BNA’s Patent, Trademark & Copyright Journal.

eZassi CEO Peter von Dyck along with John R. Harris published an article Navigating Intellectual Property Roadblocks to Open Innovation where they make the case for intellectual property-intensive firm to implement a program for handling innovation contributions from outside the organization.
"Companies implementing OI programs must establish and maintain a reputation of trustworthiness and be viewed as a reliable development partner for external innovators to overcome their IP apprehensions"

Chances are you haven't a subscription to this trade publication, so we've made the article available to you with thanks to BNA’s Patent, Trademark & Copyright Journal. Make sure to share and like. Click here to download.


eZassi shared the iCommerce (Innovation Commerce) vision for all to see at FEI 2015.

The 2015 Front End of Innovation Conference at the Boston World Trade Center & Seaport, held from May 18-20, 2015, featured an impressive lineup of innovators and practitioners from around the world. This well attended conference challenged the way companies think, touting a roster of keynote speakers including Seth Godin, Steve Blank, and Tom Kelley and eZassi’s very own CEO Peter von Dyck.

On day one of the conference, after Merck’s Wim Vandenhouweele presentation, eZassi presented “TRUST, FEAR, INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY | How the vision of safe and secure social collaboration is not only for the far-sighted” to a full house. A charismatic Peter von Dyck spoke about how companies can most effectively approach online portals that automatically deliver organized data while protecting themselves from intellectual property risks in their open innovation programs.

The presentation was well received and produced many great questions from the audience about smart portals, safe social collaboration and a better understanding of transforming confidential information into non- confidential data to enable freedom to operate for all concerned. In addition to the presentation, eZassi had a modest booth with a disruptive twist offering to preview a short “Who we are” in an interactive virtual reality experience that was out of this world. “Meeting industry peers was great but watching them try the eZassi story on a VR Oculus was fantastic!” said eZassi Director of Marketing Jennifer de Robles. “Using the oculus at this show really gave us the opportunity for our audience to see for themselves that we are a disruptive market solution that can transform their open innovation vision into reality.”

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CoDev 2015 | The longest running forum on Open Innovation is here and eZassi is presenting alongside Sanofi.

Entrepreneur and founder/CEO of eZassi, Peter von Dyck, will join many of Corporate America’s most respected executives as a speaker at the CoDev 2015 conference, Feb. 9-11, in Scottsdale, Ariz. Joining Peter will be Brian Ellerman, Head of Technology Scouting and Information Science Innovation at Sanofi, one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. Their presentation, “The Cyber-Scouting Revolution within the Pharma 3.0 Evolution! – Prescriptions for Success,” explores how cyber-scouting and open innovation are increasingly deployed to expand the reach to new ideas and enable scientific innovations emanating from many sources such as companies, academia, government, and non-profits.”

CoDev is the longest running forum on open innovation. information on the conference and the presentation to be given by Peter von Dyck and Brian Ellerman, can be found at http://www.codevpd.org/CoDev2015/CD15_Index.htm.
Other companies presenting at CoDev include Ford Motor Company, J&J Consumer Companies, BASF, Clorox, Amway, Goodyear Tire & Rubber, Campbell Soup Company, JM Smucker, Mondelez, and Axion Health.

eZassi Taking New York – Live Appearances at Financial Times Innovate USA & IE CINO SUMMIT

eZassi is scheduled to partake in two enthusing innovation events to showcase their subject matter expertise in Open Innovation, Collaborative R&D, Social Ideation and best practices in preserving organizations freedom to operate where IP is concerned.

Chief Innovation Officer Summit
Dec 2-3 | Times Square Crown Plaza
Reinvigorate your business with fresh ideas, meet industry pioneers, and Watch our SVP, Randy Odom presenting: Embrace Ideas,Innovation and Invention Digitally & Preserve the Freedom to Operate. Here he will explore the critical components of opening your organization to external ideas, the controls required around intellectual property and preserving the freedom to operate, and how organizations are experiencing a bright new universe by bringing their open innovation advocates and IP/License teams together with a single solution.

Financial Times Innovate America 2014
Dec 9th | The Dream Hotel
The fourth annual FT Innovate America Summit will focus on innovation practices for the C-suite. It will address the innovation ecosystems that exist in different industries and different cities around the world and how they can learn from each other. Speakers include Google Executive Chairman and former CEO Eric Schmidt, VP Global Digital Marketing Ben Edwards, and our CEO, Peter von Dyck, who is scheduled to be interviewed live on stage by Richard Waters the West Coast editor of the Financial Times.In this interview they will discuss the paradigm shift of managing the collision of Intellectual Property and Open Innovation, the risks and how best to manage them in order to take advantage of collaborative R&D and social ideation

For more information or to get a copy of any recordings call us at + 904 432 8315 (USA) or info@e-zassi.com


[Video] eZassi SVP, Randy Odom presents at IE Innovation Summit in Chicago on the Convergence of the Three I's.

While attending IE Innovation Summit in Chicago, Randy Odom, eZassi's SVP presented on the increasingly popular topic of the challenges most corporations experience in implementing and sustaining their pace of innovation. This presentation discusses, in detail, the often complex interaction of what we call the three I's (Insights, Invention & IP) and the effects they have on managing disclosures from external parties in order to preserve and protect your organization's freedom to operate. With eZassi, corporations can manage these issues and make the process a secure win-win situation. To access the video of this  presentation click here | Embrace Insights. Ideas. Invention Digitally While Preserving Your Freedom To Operate


eZassi CEO, Peter von Dyck presented at the Unleashing Data Summit in Amsterdam 2014

The Unleashing Data Summit in Amsterdam titled: Innovations in Market Research and Customer Insights covered some of the hottest topics in consumer insights strategies, data mining, and visualization and featured leading industry professionals from Unilever, American Express, Nissan and more.

Peter’s presentation entitled Convergence of the 3 I’s - Insights, Ideas & Invention, exposed critical new issues of insights mining, open innovation and consumer driven design, and highlighted what trends and tactics to look for while providing real life examples of Intellectual Property complexities that organizations need to be made aware of as new global insights programs trigger ideation and invention. This engaging presentation came to a close with best practice recommendations that eZassi provides to ensure favorable outcomes for all parties involved in this new era of social listening and engagement. Click here to receive a copy of this presentation or ask us questions on this topic


eZassi mentioned in renowned US law publication as "The Next Generation Submission Portal in Open Innovation"

John R. Harris, registered patent attorney published a significant whitepaper on Patent Issues in Open Innovation. In his paper he delves into what are considered primary topics affecting open innovation. He provides a comprehensive and informative overview from a legal thinking perspective that is surprisingly easy to read and incredibly shareable. To get your own 19-page copy and have access the latest best practices in Intellectual Property challenges Click here

{INFOGRAPHIC} eZassi reveals the colorful truth about the new digital paradigm in open innovation.

eZassi has published an insightful infographic with results from a global poll conducted during their most recent webinar hosted by Innovation Management Channel One featuring panelists from Pfizer, Morris, Manning, & Martin, and Innovationedge. Results identified noteworthy trends in the greatest challenges in open innovation programs from a well balanced sample of both practitioners and consultants that makes for a great infographic to share, says eZassi’s Jennifer de Robles. Webinar respondents were prompted to select which digital solutions have the highest potential in the front end/open innovation. See first hand how innovation experts describe their best practices in adopting digital technologies. Click here for full infographic

eZASSI CEO DOUBLE HEADER SPEAKER IN SAN FRAN Chief Innovation Officer Summit & IP Strategy Innovation Summit

eZassi CEO, Peter von Dyck will be a panelist On June 18th at both IE events the Chief Innovation Officer Summit and the IP Summit in San Francisco alongside the industries leading speakers, Walt Disney Company, Foursquare, Intuit, Nike on Innovation in Technology.
“This two day event will focus on ip strategy innovation, innovation management, methodologies & tools, innovation strategy, and business model innovation which is eZassi’s niche and the perfect green to showcase our product and services” says Peter von Dyck, eZassi CEO. Download a brochure with schedule
Worried can’t make it? An online video of session will be made and distributed. Make sure to sign up to be the first for your copy when released.

Live Web Event: Transforming the Front-End of Innovation: a New Digital Paradigm

Join us on June 19, 2014 to explore how practitioners and organizations are adapting and/or rethinking their strategies and best practices for the front-end of innovation in presence of new transformational digital technologies. In this live IM Channel One Roundtable Discussion, hosted by e-Zassi, we will provide insights on how extending reach and adopting digital solutions will result in more, and higher quality, new ideas entering product pipelines and portfolios.> Date: June 19, 2014
Time: 17:00 CET | 11:00 EST | 8:00 PST
Duration: 60 minutes
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Medical Device Open Innovation Platform Announced

e-Zassi announces the first open innovation software platform specifically designed to meet the requirements of the healthcare industry. Delivered as a SaaS product, the e-Zassi InnoVision™ platform enables a standardized approach to the submission, capture, decision support and sharing of new ideas. The software utilizes a secure non-confidential assessment format, minimizing intellectual property legal risks and can integrate with existing downstream and synergistic workflow systems such as document management, CRM and product life-cycle management software to provide a fully integrated end-to-end solution in what is now a very manually intensive business process. Contact Us to arrange a demo of the InnoVision open innovation software platform.

e-Zassi Announces New Chief Operating Officer

Marcelo Lemos, was recently appointed Chief Operating Officer for the company. In this newly created position Mr. Lemos will play a key role in determining the future strategic direction of the company.

A proven software leader, he joins the company to help enable the firm’s next level of growth and brings to e-Zassi more than 30 years of software experience in the areas of management, strategic planning, product development and international sales. Prior to joining e-Zassi, Lemos worked for more than 20 years at Dassault Systemes, a worldwide leader in Product Life Cycle Management and 3D Design software solutions that enable collaborative, social innovation across a multitude of industry types. At Dassault he served in multiple senior executive positions, including Americas President and Latin America Managing Director, as well as member of the Board of Directors in DS subsidiaries across USA and Latino America.

Global Healthcare Company Deploys e-Zassi Software

Working with e-Zassi, a leading, global provider of healthcare products recently launched an Innovation Portal that allows secure online submission of new ideas. Accessible from multiple points on their web site, the Innovation Portal was developed to help fuel new product development activities with ideas submitted by innovators outside of the organization. “The e-Zassi Open Innovation solution provides a convenient and structured way for inventors to submit their product innovation to us for consideration,” said the project leader at the healthcare company. “It solves the issue of inadvertent disclosures of proprietary information, while still providing enough insight to gauge alignment with our ongoing product development and business plans.”