There are multiple, measurable benefits that result from working with eZassi to implement an open innovation strategy within your organization.

Safely Accept Pre-Patented Ideas

Through a series of simple questions companies gain detailed, insightful information regarding the submitted innovation, all within the framework of a robust Intellectual Property protection system that fosters trust and confidence essential in early stage collaboration. eZassi’s standardized format minimizes digital permeability and provides bilateral IP protection while eliminating the need and cost for premature Confidentiality Disclosure Agreements.

Enhance New Product Development Efforts

While many open innovation systems allow an organization to accept new ideas, only the eZassi system is integrated with automated filtering capabilities and a knowledge engine that delivers the business intelligence required to make better informed decisions. Collaborative, innovation management tools and functionality provide visibility across the enterprise, while helping to determine which new ideas to move through the product development process.

Reduce Time to Market, Increase Competitive Advantage

For organizations looking to adopt the power of open innovation in order to procure more new products and to fuel new revenues, the eZassi software solution addresses both the operational and legal issues faced when implementing an OI solution. The results are tangible; reduced R&D costs, a more robust new product pipeline and the ability to more efficiently deliver new products to the marketplace.