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e-Zassi is accelerating the medical device business development process.
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“e-Zassi is an elegant and comprehensive software system which provides comprehensive and detailed information for professionals in all aspects of the medical product development and design industry...” | Read more
“The platform seems to be the most comprehensive and professional web-based application I have come across so far...”
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“For any company...it is CRITICAL that they have highly reliable sources that provide an in-depth, accurate understanding of the market. e- Zassi is one of those sources.”
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“Being able to easily and cost-effectively expand our contact list through Auto-Match is one of the key benefits to being members of e-Zassi.com.”
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About Us » Company Overview

e-Zassi is the medical device industry’s first subscription-based, integrated online business network, decision support software and technology marketplace. Launched in 2008 the company was spun out from Zassi Medical Evolutions. The vision for e-Zassi came as a result of the real world frustrations experienced by the management team during the development and commercialization of several important medical technologies. These technologies created a $150 million worldwide product category. The product line was subsequently acquired, allowing the team to focus all efforts on the creation of e-Zassi.


The vision was to create an online platform that would streamline and empower all sectors of the fractured medical device ecosystem by providing a secure, online environment for rapid technology assessment, trade, collaboration and vastly more precise search/match capability without utilizing any confidential information.


e-Zassi is dedicated to transforming the way that medical device companies, technology transfer organizations, innovators, researchers, service providers, government agencies and investors connect and collaborate, generating powerful new efficiencies to the development and commercialization of life saving medical technologies.